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Pat OHanlon started drawing cartoon dogs on napkins in restaurants in Dallas back in the late 80’s.  Originally directed at restaurant clients and bar flies the original character SmokyBones is now resurrected in eCigToons again poking fun at the crazy life of a cigarette smoker.  Just a bit of harmless fun at the expense of the horrific tortures of an extremely nasty habit.
Who are these guys???  X-Smokers for sure -or living with X-Smokers!  Believe me we are hysterically familiar with the stink, burn holes, angry spouses and children. We've smoked in the rain, snow, wind, heat….you name it.  Been there, done that.  When The Indoor Cigarette starting importing ecigs 3 years ago that all changed!  Hooray!   Now with that vast experience behind us it is time to poke a little fun at what was.  Hope you enjoy our twisted sense of memory!

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Who knows, they may just become a legendary cartoon! LOL

Ellerie Crum created Snups, the purple bat -who wears a top hat (and doesn't look much like a bat at all)  while sitting in a kitchen full of smoke.  She listened to her friends and family complain about the price of cigarettes, the hassle of finding a lighter at the bottom of a purse while driving down the freeway, and nearly freezing to death on their lunch breaks. 
Snups became a quirky symbol of their struggle to find an open seat in the smoking section and today is brought to life as a smoker in a non-smoking world who gets into trouble everywhere he goes.  Join Snups and the rest of the creatures he encounters on a light-hearted search for a breath of Fresh Air.